360-degree Live Streaming launched by Periscope


Nowadays, Live video streaming is undoubtedly a big deal, and also for those who are fans of 360-degree videos. They will now be happy to know that Periscope, Twitter-owned live-streaming platform, has today announced the launch of 360-degree live video streaming. Periscope says, the feature is only made available for a small group of select partners, but they will be rolling out the feature more widely in the coming weeks. Periscope users can apply to test the feature out via the Periscope website.

So, as of today, users can view 360-degree live streaming videos from Twitter’s app and website, courtesy of Perisope. A LIVE 360 red badge will show up on live streaming videos, and while the videos are being broadcast, viewers will able to view them in their entirely by either turning your phone or by tapping and scrolling around the screen to get the full 360-degree effect. On desktop, users can only click and drag to adjust their perspective.

You can now watch the first ever 360 video live-stream from Periscope celebrity Alex Pettitt. He is also launching a live 360-degree live streaming video to show you how to use the new cool feature.

The good news is that Twitter has recently included its Periscope live-streaming platform in its mobile apps. So, you won’t have to install the Periscope app on your phone to use the new feature once it has been officially available to general users.

Now, with the help of 360-degree live streaming videos on Periscope, you will be able to have a great time with the broadcaster and experience interesting things via the videos.

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