4 Free iOS6 Map Alternatives


Getting accurate and precise directions today is relatively easy with the help of modern gadgets and devices. However, not every modern device today do just that and getting a faulty one might get you in the middle of nowhere fast.

The iPhone 5’s iOS6 maps are said to be that bad wherein Australian police even discourage motorists using it after an incident where some outbackers got lost in the wilderness for days due to using the said to be faulty maps. The odd drawings of the map can be seen in some areas where some directions are obviously misleading.

Hence, if you’re an iPhone 5 user and looking for better alternatives, below are some of the suggested map apps to replace your faulty Apple maps.

Google Maps

One of the most recommended alternative map app is Google Maps. Google Maps are said to be faster than ever, maps are now smoother and it is free to use. It features vector-based maps and voice-enabled navigation. You can also get accurate bike routes, Zagat reviews and so many other features that are not in the Apple map app.

You can simply bookmark maps.google.comĀ  in your mobile Safari browser or get the Google Map app for iPhones and navigate your way using Google Maps. Just an additional side note, it is said the Google Maps was hired to fix Apple’s faulty iOS6 maps. Using Google Maps is definitely the best alternative for that same reason.

Nokia Maps

You can also use Nokia maps at maps.nokia.com. Same with Google map, simply bookmark the url in your mobile Safari browser. Directions for walking, public transportation guides and routing are also available like Google Maps as well as being free.

Bing Maps

Bing 3.03 is a free map app and is more of a general search kind of app compared to others. Hence, the app also provide solid maps and good navigation. It also provides the same basic features like other map apps do. Interestingly, it also provides traffic conditions, Facebook integration and movie showtimes in located theaters nearby.


This is also a free map app and is another popular alternative for the faulty iOS6 maps. It provides good walking directions. Driving directions on the other hand are not that solid and some even noted some vagueness to it. The latest version of the app offer live traffic camera updates and gas prices of nearby gasoline stations.

There are other alternatives available today from free apps to paid apps. Some apps are specific to certain countries such as Garmin USA 2.1 and Magellan RoadMate USA 2.2.1 for US users. Ask your local network provider for alternatives they recommend. Ensure you get accurate and precise directions to avoid wasted effort in getting to places you need to go.

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