4 Great News Apps For The iPad


I use my iPad to catch up with the news. With hectic schedules I’m sure many others are doing the same as well. Rather than tuning in to the national news broadcast every day at 6:30, people are increasingly using their iPads to stay up to the date with the news of the day. The daily routine of reading the morning paper is being replaced by getting the news on the iPad. After all, why would you want to read yesterday’s headlines when you can get breaking news for free.

Here are my top 4 favorite free news applications for the iPad, in no particular order.


The CNN iPad app has to make my list because it’s what I use to get breaking news. A few times a day I get a notification from this app alerting me of an emerging story. I can always ensure that within an hour of the breaking news headline there will be an article ready full of more details.

USA Today

I like the USA Today app because they have their news divided into plenty of subjects, rather than just general news. That way, I can read up on the latest tech news, the latest travel news, the latest finance news and so on and so forth. The articles are divided into columns, rather than text that goes from one side of the screen to the other. This makes the news articles much easier to read as your eyes don’t have to move as much. I also appreciate the easy to read black text on a white background.


This app was named app of the year for a reason. The way they deliver the news is extremely user friendly and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Their magazine style layout allows users to flip through the news, pictures and social networking updates with ease.


Pulse is what I use as an RSS reader. But rather than just displaying the latest titles, they turn boring feeds into a colorful mosaic of images. One one page you can quickly visually access many different sources. You can have multiple pages worth of sources which is useful if you want to put your feeds into different categories. This makes keeping up to date with the latest posts from your favorite blogs both quick and easy.

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