6 Ways To Use Iphone Most Durably


IPhone is an advanced mobile device along with cost is not cheap at all. Therefore, if your device is broken down, you have to spend a large sum of money for repairing it. That’s why today I will share with you how to use iPhone most durably.

1, Read carefully the instructions before use

You can see the phrase “read carefully the instructions before use” in the medicine blister pack that you usually buy. IPhone is also very necessary to do this because when producing the iPhone, manufacturer has equipped this book to help users using device in the most efficient way. In fact, there are very few people who read this book. However, a word of advice for you is that when you buy the machine, you should read the guidebook about how to use the most efficient equipment as instructed by Apple.

guideline book

2, Use the screen sticker for iPhone:

The screen is a very important part for smartphone devices in general and the iPhone in particular. You can see most of the manipulation with the device is via the touchscreen. Therefore, you can use screen sticker for iPhone so that your device is not scratched or damaged.

Most iPhone devices are commonly used in normal glass, you can use toughened sticker to increase durability. This is also essential to protect new iPhone when you buy.

screen sticker

3, Use iPhone battery properly:

Battery capacity is the main source for the device so you need to use the battery properly so that device can operate in the best way. Most iPhone devices are equipped with Li-Ion battery. When you buy the machine, you should charge in 8 hours for first three- time use. This will help iPhone battery operate better.

When you buy iPhone, you should get information about the device’s battery standard for the best usage. When charging iPhone, you should also note the following points:

+ Charge the battery with genuine charge cable

+ Do not charge while using the device.

+ Do not charge when the machine’s temperature is too high.

+ Ensure a stable power source when charging.

+ Do not charge battery overnight, you should charge the battery until the battery is full 100%, then disconnect the charger.


4, Equip backup charger when necessary:

If you often go away or do not have much time to charge your iPhone, you can equip yourself with a backup battery charger. Meanwhile, you will not fear that your device runs out of battery, power failure and disruption to your work.

Depending on demand and battery capacity of iPhone you’re using, you can choose different type of backup battery charger.

backup battery charger

5, Update the latest operating system version when necessary:

Unlike Android devices, iOS devices, users can manually update the latest operating system version for the device. The new operating systems is usually overcome these errors with the old operating system. So you should update the operating system iPhone frequently so that it can operate the best.


6, Clean for iPhone

Another thing you should note is to clean for device. When cleaning, the device will be airy and no heat when using long. You can clean device frequently from the screen to the physical buttons and the connection slot on the device.

To clean for iPhone, you can use a soft brush, or soft cotton and alcohol to clean, This not only makes the machine is not dusty but also enables the device to be more aesthetic.


I have just share with you 6 ways to use iPhone most durably. I hope that you can use these ways effectively.

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