A Decent Gaming Set-Up


Online gaming is big business. Whether it’s a few quick matches during the week, or a few hours on the weekends, there is an undeniably big audience for online gaming.

Whilst the games very between console and PC, there are some things you can buy to enhance your experience. If this sounds like you, these items might be useful. If you’re not, but know someone who is, then these can also make terrific gifts.

Reliable Connection

First of all, online gaming obviously requires an online presence. A reliable ping-back is important on most games, especially in ultra-competitive genres like first-person shooters. The easy solution to this is to ensure you have fast and reliable broadband. You don’t want your internet cutting out mid-game, or a slow connection costing you valuable credibility.


Online chat is one of the more common features of online gaming. When playing co-operative or team-based games, this is an essential way to communicate with team mates. When playing free-for-all games, it’s fair to say many are up for trash talking and competitive chat.

Of course, to do this you need a head-set. This is a wide market, and varies in both sound and microphone quality. This will suit anyone’s budget, with the higher models being perfect for the serious gamer.


Finally, even if you’re on a PC, you might still want a reliable controller. Whilst consoles come with the standard official controllers, or game pads, there are more robust and intuitive models out there. These unofficial pads are usually designed with competitive gaming in mind, adjusted for quick reactions. As such, they can often be more expensive, but they can drastically improve your skills and experience.

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