Apple iWatch – More Than Just A Rumor?


According to the latest rumors, up to fifty employees have been brought in to start specifically working on the iWatch, Apples newest toy. Apple has begun to look into the feasibility, costs and potential competitors of starting production of an iWatch. None of this information is confirmed, so as right now it is just pure speculation that the iWatch will ever come to fruition.

The Financial Times reported that Apple was embarked on a new employment run to start seriously looking into the long-term feasibility of creating an iWatch. This will be, if it goes through, the first major product release of a new type since Steve Jobs sadly passed away. Steve was never fond of the “wearables market”, but perhaps perceptions have changed since the release of Google Glass.

With other major companies making waves into more interactive watches, including Google and Dell, there is a race on to see who can come up with the best ideas and get it done to the highest standard, quickest. After all, the first company to make a great product will most likely be the one who dominates the market.

Many businesses are beginning to really put a large amount of resources and funding behind the idea, with it being one of the few conventional ideas yet to be tackled and taken on to the next level. However, many are making very mixed noises about the potential product, citing that it will offer nothing new from your mobile phone or other portable devices.

However, Apple has been searching for a long time for a watch with features, and it looks like they are beginning to make the breakthrough. With Apple strongly moving toward finding experts who can really work the schematics, issues with design and feasibility of an iWatch, it looks like it could be their next big project.

The iWatch takes inspiration from several other products, including the Shine activity tracker and the Fitbit. The main concerns about the iWatch is how it will discern itself from rivals, otherwise it risks becoming more than just a competitor to the current watches on the market. With the current speculation that the device will not be out until 2016, it gives them a lot of time to come up with some innovative ideas that make it different from the rest of the products on the market.

However, at the moment, Apple has refused to comment at the moment regarding the productivity or a release, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. There has been some comment from Apple regarding new products that are due for introduction between 2013 and 2014, so keep your eyes peeled for further information about Appleā€™s latest potential new gadget.

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