Cortana Digital Assistant for Android to launch in UK with a fresh look


Microsoft just announced its personal digital assistant, Cortana is now available for free on Android in the UK. The software company released the app on Android and iOS in the US last year. Along with bringing Cortana overseas, Micorsoft also gives the app a fresh and simplified look with a strong emphasis on a very purple theme. Besides, the app has been specifically designed to work smoothly on mobile devices.

The AI enables users to set reminders to seamlessly track the things they need to remember across all the platforms. To use this feature, you will need to set a reminder on your PC, and it will also display on your phone. Additionally, with the help of Cortana, you will never miss a call when you are in a meeting. This is true as it can send a message back from your Windows 10 PC so that the caller knows you will call them later. You will receive a missed call alert on your computer.

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Not stopping there, the app includes the all-new Quick Actions section that displays information about reminders, meetings and weather so that you can get what you need quickly. The answer will now be presented in a full page and a cleaner layout, since Microsoft made some big enhancements to the answers provided by Cortana.

You can also use Cortana to look for information by speaking to it. You just need to say “Hey, Cortana” (not available on iOS) to enable the digital personal assistant and ask her what you would like to know.

According to Microsoft, the Cortana Android app is available now in the Google Play Store, while the Cortana iOS app will hit the App Store in a few weeks.

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