Ecobee3, the best WiFi thermostat


A smart thermostat is a perfect accessory to set up in your house with potential ability to take control of your home’s temperature from your phone, PC or tablet, and especially save money on your utility bills. In fact, many people have been looking for it, and wondering which one is the best. And we wholeheartedly recommend the Wi-Fi-enabled Ecobee3 smart thermostat ($249 on Amazon) produced by a Toronto-based company. So why do we recommend you this? Just go through the article to get the details.

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In fact, pretty much like its more popular counterpart, the Nest Thermostat, the Ecobee3 does offer some extra features that the Nest definitely lacks. Similar to other smart thermostats, the Ecobee 3 lets you monitor your home’s temperature levels from your phone so that you are able to manage the temperature even when you are not at home. However, on top of that, it comes with easy-to-touch screen display, and particularly room sensors (Follow Me feature) that allows you to monitor the temperature in different rooms in your house. Plus, Follow Me uses the sensors to identify your location and automatically adjust to the room’s temperature levels that you prefer. In fact, most of the thermostats in the market can only tell the temperature in one place, which can end up with making other rooms uncomfortable. The Ecobee 3 is also packed with the Smart Home/Away feature with the ability to make you as comfortable as possible when you are home and save money on your utility costs when you are away.

Not only that, the Ecobee3 comes in handy as its remote temperature sensors work well with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo, IFTTT, and a lot more. So, you will be now able to control your smart thermostat with Siri’s help on your iOS devices or adjust the temperature and more with your voice. The Ecobee3 also features a more sophisticated interface on the thermostat itself that is capable of delivering you temperature controls, displaying the weather, and a lot more, all with a few taps.

The installation success for the Ecobee3 will vary a lot depending on your HVAC system. It’s good to be aware of what type of system you have so you can install it properly. The Ecobee 3 is compatible with both low-voltage and high-voltage systems. You will know the type of system you have by popping off your existing thermostat and having a look at the wiring.

Overall, the Ecobee 3 is a perfect and incredibly affordable solution for conserving energy and saving money as well. What do you think about this smart thermostat? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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