Facebook will show ads in the middle of videos


Facebook is going to show ads in the middle of videos you are watching, according to industry sources. The social network will start testing a new mid-roll ad format, which will offer video publishers the option to add ads to their videos after Facebook users have watched them for at least 20 seconds. The mid-roll ads are intended for those who expect to make money. To specify, Facebook will be sharing ad revenue with the publishers, giving them 55 percent cut from ad sales, just like YouTube that currently dominates the online video ad business does. Such ads will only be available for videos that are at least 90 seconds long, so publishers will have to create content that will go on for a while and hold audiences’ attention to make money.

Mid-roll ads may serve as an important role in increasing the quality of the video you watch. The 20-second requirement would encourage creators to produce videos good enough to keep you engaged for more than a brief moment.

If the new ads take off, publishers will have the first chance to make real money from the stuff they have been running on Facebook. Users are already watching 100 million hours of video per day on Facebook, this will also help the social network fetches more revenue.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has forbidden pre-roll videos ads that begin before videos, which means that publishers can’t make money from the clips they put on Facebook. This has discouraged some Facebook publishers, like sports leagues from posting videos that come with valuable content to the network.

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