Five Things We Hate About Windows 8


While there are many things we have come to admire about Windows 8, there are still some things that have been bothering us. In this article, we will take a look at what some of those features are and why we find them annoying.

1. Cannot Disable Metro

While there is much controversy around the whole Windows 8 metro style thing, a lot of the information thus far has been untrue. That said, Microsoft hasn’t exactly done the best job of clearing up the misinformation which has intensified the debate. Of course this is good PR for the company as it keeps the launch of Windows 8 in the public media.

That said, one thing is true, there is no way to disable the metro style interface permanently and go back to the regular desktop. For business users, this may be a big issue, one that could lesson its appeal in the corporate world.

2. Windows RT is locked down

While Microsoft still maintains its openness in customization, Microsoft has locked down Windows 8 RT and has excluded many OEM’s as well as developers from getting access to the software. For instance, Samsung, Lenovo and HP were all allowed to make tablets for Windows 8, however HTC was kept out of the party. More importantly, developers will not be allowed to have their metro styled apps use core system resources, and instead will have to plug into an API for this to happen. Of course, Microsoft gives their apps an exception which has drawn criticism from Google and Firefox.

3. The Cloud

With Windows Live, Microsoft is pushing more and more of its services to the cloud. While this is great in keeping computers synced and protecting files from being lost, it does raise the question of privacy. We’re not complete privacy freaks, but with so many companies moving to the cloud, the question of privacy, and what a company can do with our data is brought to light. Thankfully, Windows 8 does not rely completely on the cloud, but with its Live services as well as its app store, things are moving closer and closer to the cloud.

4. Shutdown Button

We’ll be short and brief about this one. While we love certain aspects of Metro, there is no excuse for hiding the shutdown and restart buttons. On normal Windows operating systems, ones before 8, this could be found in the start menu. In order to get to the shutdown button, you either have to disable Metro and your taskbar will appear or you have to go to the Charm menu.

5. Metro Apps Limited

While users will have a full array of all their favorite Windows software, Metro apps are limited, though more robust than iOS and Android, we wish there were options to minimize apps, maximize them and have more than one app on the screen at the same time. While not a deal breaker, it would have been cool.

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