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It will be really a wonderful day when you have a chance of making a travel to Vienna,which is a beautiful capital located in the eastern of Austria.This city is very well-known for its high standard of life and considered as one of the most prosperous city in the world.Apart from being regarded as the city of music because this place is home to many famous musicians,artists,singers and much more,Vienna is also very famous for its wide range of magnificent sights and diverse architecture.Besides,because of its closeness to borders of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary,Vienna has got a multiculture and diverse nature.Thanks to these features,Vienna has become the number-one destination in the world for international conferences and agreements as well as for tourism.Every year,Vienna attracts a large number of tourists from over the world coming for sightseeings.Coming to Vienna,you can discover and admire massive architecture constructions such as Swarowski Crystal Worlds,Mauthausen Memorial,Ferris wheel Riesenrad,etc.Especially,do not forget to visit Vienna State Opera to enjoy excellent music performed by famous Austria singers.


Vienna State Opera is one of the top opera houses in the world located in the center of Vienna,which is a large capital in Austria.This opera was first called as Vienna Court Opera.Until 1920,because of  the replacement of the Habsburg monarchy, it was set name as Vienna State Opera. Vienna State Opera was started its construction in 1861 and finished in 1869 followed the plan of architects named August Sicard von Sicardsburg and Eduard van der Null and built in the Neo-Renaissance style by the well-known Czech architect and contractor Josef Hlavka.However,this opera was destroyed seriously in world war II.After then,it was restored and has become larger and served more seats. After the war, Vienna State Opera was rebuilt with many additions and reopened to “Fidelio”.Nowadays,its new  concert hall contains 2,200 seats and standing places.


If you have a visit here,don’t miss visiting Ringstraße,which used to be a monumental building in the history.Let spend your time walking around the opera and enjoy its stunning architecture. Some notable details of this building we should note such as the loggia,the wall paintings, the majestic staircase with the statues of the seven Free arts made of marble,the Schwind Foyer, the Gobelin hall and the Marble hall.These architectural works make the Opera House very unique.


After finishing your sightseeing of its architecture,it’s time you would enjoy its concerts. Nowadays,Vienna Opera House is considered one of the best opera houses of the world.Certainly,there are a lot of world famous stars have performs here.When attending here, you can enjoy the best in high quality productions.This famous stage offers a different program every day, with over 50 operas and ballet works on around 300 days per season. In addition,it’ll really a pity if you miss some exciting programes such as Vienna opera ball,opera live outdoors,livestreaming.

Let book a flight ticket coming here as soon as possible!I believe that it’s worth!

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