Get Brilliant Experiences In Swarovski Crystal Worlds,Austria.


In few recent years,Austria has attracted a large number of tourists from over the world coming for relaxation and become one of the most famous tourist attractions in Europe. It is considered as one of the most prosperous countries in  Europe with a  rich and  impressive historical background and a lot of well-known constructions.Both the landscape and architectural works here related to important historical events.Some of them we should mention to are the forts, castles,medieval churches,museums and much more.Not only so,Austria is also home to so many world famous composers, military leaders, poets and musicians.All these things are the reason why Austria is always appreciated by many tourists after their travel.Therefore,you can fully expect a fantastic trip when visiting this country.Especially,when you have an occasion being here,let spend your time on visiting a special architectural work- Swarovski Crystal Worlds.This is a famous crystal museum in Austria as well as in the world.I believe that a visit to Swarovski Crystal Worlds will bring you unforgettable memories.


The Swarovski Crystal Worlds is also called with another name as Swarovski Kristallwelten and located in the small Tyrolean town of Wattens,in Austria. It’s just about twenty minutes driving from Innsbruckto Swarovski Crystal Worlds.In 1995,it was built with a view to commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Austria based crystal company named Swarovski.Swarovski Crystal Worlds is one of Austria’s most popular attractions and has appealed millions of visitors since 1995.This attraction is unlike any other and even better than ever after its recent renovations.Being here,you can experience the Giant with its unique Chambers of Wonder and large gardens.


It was really a creative idea of Daniel Swarovski,who founded the crystal company Swarovski when he had an unusual look right from the outset.He first regarded crystal not simply as a material,but an interesting inspiration.With that idea,there were some notable constructions fascinating both young and old from all over the world such as the museum,the theme park and the art installation. In 2015, to mark Swarovski’s 120th anniversary,this universe of crystalline art was added with a vast and poetic garden.Within this new garden,two artists Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot created the Crystal Cloud,which is a monument including 800,000 hand-mounted Swarovski crystals drift above a black Mirror Pool.This construction made pause and reflect. With a surface of about 1,400 square meters, this otherworldly creation is the largest of its kind in the world.In December 2015, the project helped Cao and Perrot to be awarded from US Interior Design Magazine.


Besides,there are also some notable places you should visit here. Don’t miss Swarovski Store,which is the largest Swarovski flagship stores worldwide with fascinating light and sound installations.Especially,do not forget to taste food at Daniels and enjoy excellent views of the art in the park while sitting inside the restaurant.

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