Here are the best free video editors for Android


Editing videos requires some skills ranging from trimming, cutting, adding special effects, to tweaking audios. In reality, if you are using an Android device, there might be chances you will be overwhelmed by tons of video editors out there.

If you are looking for the best and professional video editors for your Android device, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of 10 best free photo editors for your Android. Check them out below

  1. Quik

Quik is a great app that makes your video-editing much simpler and quicker. Quik provides you with the ability to add transitions, special effects and tweak portrait images. Besides, the app features more than 70 free songs to make your video more interesting. In addition, the app offers some manual control, along the ability to reorder and trim clips or make your videos more vivid thanks to its 24 video styles with transitions and graphics. If you are looking for a video editor that allows you to generate professional movies with just some simple taps, Quik is really something you don’t want to miss at all.

  1. PowerDirector

PoweDirector is a professional video editor that attracts a large number of Android users thanks to its beautiful timeline interface. All you have to do is to drag and drop your source material, effects and more. Besides, you can trim, crop or split your clips, add effects, boost your volume and more. The coolest part is that you can share your edited videos on Facebook or Youtube.

  1. Viva Video

If you are one of those who are much involved in editing work,  you have probably heard of VivaVideo. Basically, the app helps you generate very professional videos with some simple steps. Besides, VivaVideo provides you with more than 200 special effects and filters along with stickers and themes.

VivaVideo also offers some basic editing tools like trimming, cutting and merging clips. If you simply want to generate and share quick fun clips with your friends, VivaVideo is your good choice.

  1. VideoShop


If this is the first time you have been a part of editing work, VideoShop is your great start. The app not only offers basic trims and merges, but it also includes some quality filters, animated titles and a number of picture fixes, making it even useful for the more experienced.

  1. Adobe Premiere Clip

This is one of the must-have video editors on Android devices. Adobe Premiere Clip offers enough editing tool ranging from trimming, lighting to adding color filters. Besides, you can sync images transitions with your soundtrack or share your work on Facebook or Youtube

  1. FilmoraGo


Filmore is a great video editor for Android devices. With Filmore, you can a lot of things including the ability to add simple transitions, import from social networks and many more.

  1. AndroVid


AndroVid is one of the most used video editors. The app allows you to quickly edit your videos stored on your device. You can add audio files, add effects, filters, titles and even share your work with your friends. Cool, isn’t it?

  1. Video Editor

Video Editor is a great video editor that delivers basic trimming, captioning, effect-adding and social-network sharing abilities. The coolest part is that you can easily edit your video without losing quality.

If you are looking for a video editor that offer basic editing features, Video Editor may be appealing.

That’s it! These are the top free video editors for Android device. If you are using another cool video editor, leave a comment below.

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