Here is how you can add more storage to your MacBook

What are going to do when your Mac is running out of storage space? Buying a new one with a larger storage configuration? This could be a good decision, but you will regret that since there are some simpler and cheaper workarounds you can try to add more space to your Mac.

In this post, we will show you how to add more storage space to your Mac

1. External Drives

You can use an external drive to add more space to your Mac, which is much cheaper and convenient. This way could be useful especially if you are one of those who regularly backup your Mac using Time Machine, but you also need to partition your backup disk and use it as a regular drive. The coolest thing is that these accessories offer high storage capacities at an affordable cost and they draw power via USB.

However, there are some drawbacks while using external drives; these drives are slow and fragile. Besides, they need more time to reboot and you will have to encounter mechanical failure.

2. SD Cards

Using SD Cards is one of most effective solutions to add more space to your Mac, allowing you to quickly transfer videos and photos without the need for a digital camera, smartphone or other media device. Besides, you can use your SD card slot on your Mac to expand storage.


These SD cards are much cheaper, so you can get a card that offers fast read and write speeds. The good news is that you can grasp a 512 GB SD card for less than 200 USD.

3. Upgrade SSD

If you have a recent MacBook, you may have noticed that your available space is pretty small simply because your device comes equipped with a solid state drive (SSD) instead of a mechanical hard disc drive (HDD). In fact, SSDs make your MacBook thinner and faster than the old technology. SSDs are considered the most effective upgrades ever, as they store data in cells instead of platters.


If you already have an SSD, you can buy a larger drive rather than buying a new MacBook. However, the bad news is that SSDs are much expensive than HDDs.

4. Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is one of the most effective ways to storage data on your Mac. However, the biggest drawback is that the cloud storage speed is limited to your internet connection, so using the cloud seems to be impractical for those who have some other kind of bandwidth restriction.


However, you can pay for additional cloud space if you want to use it to storage images on MacBook. If you regularly listen to music, you can use some music streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify.

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