Here is how you can use emojis and Tapbacks in iMessage in iOS 10


iOS 10 comes with tons of exciting features that give users a solid reason to update. Messages app with stickers, bubble effects and more is among the biggest changes in iOS 10. Emojis are still there in the messaging thread, but they are now much bigger and more useful.

With the release of iOS 10, emojis are not restricted to replying, as they are now used to react to a message right inside your conversation (Apple calls them Tapbacks). This feature might not be revolutionary, but it could be the perfect way to confirm that you have seen the message.

If you have got iOS 10 installed on your device, emojis in iMessage are worth your attention. In this post, we will show you how to use emojis and Tapbacks in iMessage in iOS 10.

  1. How to react with an emoji Tapbacks in iOS 10’s iMessage

In reality, Tapbacks are quite similar to Facebook emoji reactions, so if you are expecting something special, there are no surprises here. Here is how you do it

Step one: First and foremost, touch and hold an iMessage you want to react with emoji tapback

Step two: Select the tapback you want to send. You have a lot of options including Heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, Ha ha, !!, or ?.


Step three: Once you have your own tapback, there is no need to tap the Send button. If you want to switch to another tapback, simply repeat the step one, and select a new tapback.

  1. How to send the 3x bigger emoji in iOS 10’s iMessage

With iOS 10, emojis are now much bigger, allowing users to see all the details and convey all the emotions. If you are now using iOS 10, here is how you can get the 3x bigger emojis in iMessage

Step one: The first thing you need to do is to enter one to three emojis in the input field.


Step two: Once you are done, tap the Send button next to the iMessage text field.

Step three: That’s it ! Your emoji is now 3x bigger. Note that if you enter more than three emojis in the input field, they will go back to the default size (1x size). So, make sure that you enter one to three emojis in the iMessage text field.

  1. How to modify an iMessage

Step one: Type in a message in the input field.

Step two: Tap on the emoji button


Step three: Tap on a word that is underlined in yellow to turn it into emoji. Keep tapping words that are underlined in yellow until everything has been turned into emojis.

Step four: Tap on the Send button

That’s it! Messages app in iOS 10 has been revamped with dozens of new exciting features. These changes might not be revolutionary, but for hard-core Apple fans, iOS 10 is something they don’t want to miss at all.

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