Here’re steps to change Live Photos to Still in Photos for Mac and iOS


The Live Photos feature is undoubtedly a great way to breathe new life into your photos on your iPhone/Mac. However, there may come a time when you want to change a Live Photo from the video picture to a still photo. Fortunately, turning off Live Photos on iPhone/Mac is pretty simple. If you have changed your mind, you can re-enable the live photo that was turned off. Wanna know how it’s done? Let’s walk along with me.

Steps to change Live Photos to Still in Photos for Mac and iOS

Step 1: First, open the Photos app on your Mac.

Step 2: Next, choose the photo which you would like to change into the still.

Step 3: You are now asked to right click on the photo.

Step 4: In the end, choose Turn off Live Photo from the menu.

That’s it. You just need to repeat the same steps for other Live Photos if you want.

Steps to turn on Live Photo in Mac Photos

Step 1: First off, launch the Photos app on the Mac, and head to any live photo.

Step 2: Right-click on the photo and select Turn Live Photo On.

You can hover the mouse on the photo to confirm it is working again.

Steps to change Live Photo to Still on iPhone

Step 1: Head over to any Live Photo on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap the share button that looks like a square with an arrow pointing up out of the box, and then choose Duplicate.

Step 3: Tap Duplicate as Still Photo in the menu that pops up.

Alternatively, you can choose the photo, tap the Edit button, tap the small blue circle, and finally tap Done. Note that while editing the photo, the small blue circle will turn white.

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That’s all there is to it. Got any questions? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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