Here’s How To Set A Screen Time Limit On Your Iphone/Ipad With Guided Access

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Guided Access is a pretty cool feature on the iPhone that allows you to set a screen time limit, as the time runs out, the device will automatically lock screen. This feature is quite useful in case you give your iPhone device to your children in order for them to play games, watch movies or even lend anyone your iPhone/iPad. Notice that Guided Access only works on devices running iOS 8 or later. Without further ado, we will walk you through how.


              How to enable Guided Access

  • Step 1: First and foremost, you will need to enable Guided Access. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Tap Guided Access under Learning.


  • Step 2: Enable the Guided Access slider and select Passcode Settings to set a passcode. You can use the same passcode you use to unlock your iPhone/iPad, or you can also set a different one, it depends.


Plus, if your device offers the Touch ID sensor feature, the Touch ID option enables you to use your fingerprint to unlock Guided Access mode, therefore, you do not have to enter your passcode.

  • Step 3: Now select Time Limits option on the Guided Access screen to configure time limit sounds. By default, when the time expires, no sounds will play. Therefore, if you want an audible alert, you can head to Time Limits > Sound/Speak.


Pick an app and set a time limit

  • Step 1: When you enabled Guided Access successfully, open any app that requires a time limit, such as Facebook or a certain game, then press the Home button three times to access Guided Access of that app.
  • Step 2: Tap the Options button in the bottom-left corner of the Guided Access screen and enable the Time Limit option. You can set any time limit, from one minute to one day, then tap Done > Start at the top-right corner of the screen to apply your time limit.


  • Step 3: Your iPhone/iPad will be automatically locked to the app you select when the time limit is up. If you want to stop using ahead of the time allowance, just press the Home button three times, enter your PIN and click on End (at the top-left corner of of the Guided Access screen). Now, Guided Access will be disabled.


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