Here’s How To Switch The Control And Command Keys In Mac Os X

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If you have just switched to using Mac OS X from Windows OS, you might find it difficult to adjust to the keyboard, especially the Control and Command keys. In Windows, you press Control + S to save, Control + C to copy, and Control + V to paste, but you will now have to press Command + S, Command + C, Command + V to do the same thing in OS X. And it is inevitable that all of the other available keyboard shortcuts are similarly affected.

Do you want to deal with this annoying switch? Fortunately, Mac OS X offers you a setting that enables you to remap the modifier key. By this way, you can switch the functionality of Control and Command, which means you will use the Control key instead of Command for every applicable keystroke in OS X. Now we will walk you through how.

  • Step 1: In Mac OS X, launch System Preferences from the Launchpad
  • Step 2: Tap on the Keyboard option

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  • Step 3: Tap on the Modifier Keys button at the bottom-right.

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  • Step 4: A window appears. From the Command Key menu, choose Control. And from the Control Key menu, choose Command.


  • Step 5: Just tap OK, close System Preferences. And your Mac will now recognize the control key as the primary modifier.

If you ever want to switch the command and control keys back again, just follow the above steps to revert to OS X’s default functionality. We would like to recommend that if you are going to switch to using Mac OS X forever, it would be better for you to continue working with Command key and get used to the new operating system. In case you are frequently switching between different operating systems, changing keyboard settings is essential.

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