How to close Safari tabs on iPhone or iPod Touch


Safari is a great app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Apple’s web browser includes Safari Tabs that allow you to maintain all your running webpages and web sites. However, imagine that you have tons of tabs that are opening in Safari and you have to switch through each of them to look for your content, this could be a nightmare.

If you are one of those who frequently open many tabs at the same time in Safari, we recommend you close the tabs that you don’t want to use before opening another tab.

In this tutorial, we will cover two simple ways that allow you to close Safari Tabs on your iPhone or iPod Touch

How to close Safari tabs on iPhone or iPod Touch properly

Before we get started, make sure that you have enabled Safari on your device. Once Safari is activated, you need to access the tabs. To do this, you can hit the overlapping squares logo located in the right-corner of your screen.

1. Close Safari tabs using the X

Using the X seems to be the most effective method to close programs and apps. With Safari tabs, you can do the same thing. Once you have kicked off the tab view in Safari, simply tap on the X button to the left of the tab. Doing so allows you to close any Safari tabs that you are not actively using.


Note: Make sure that you hit the button correctly since it is pretty small.

2. Close Safari tabs using the Swipe

If the X button is too small for you and you frequently miss it. There is another simple way that allows you to close any open Safari tabs on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

With iOS 8, Apple redesigned its web browser that featured an eye-popping view of all your open tabs, making it much easier for users to switch through all open tabs. To close a Safari tab, you can swipe from right to left. This trick is much more convenient than tapping on the tiny X button.


That’s simple! Safari includes many exciting gestures that allow you to make the most of the app. If you have been using iPhone or iPod Touch for a long time, you can skip this guide. However, if this is the first time that you have used an iPhone, this guide is really useful.

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