How To Control Your Iphone Using Head Movements

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You must be excited and surprised to know that besides sliding and touching, you can control your iPhone by tilting your head. In the latest version of iOS, there is a cool feature known as Switch Control. It enables you to control certain elements of iOS by using head movements or gestures. It can’t be more perfect as you can now perform many functions by moving your head right or left. Here’s how to enable Switch Control.

  • Step 1: Go into Settings > General.

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  • Step 2: Click on Accessibility.

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  • Step 3: Scroll down and click on Switch Control.

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  • Step 4: Toggle Switch Control ON. Note that if you cannot toggle it on, you must disable the feature AssistiveTouch temporarily.

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  • Step 5: Now click on Switches option.

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  • Step 6: Click on Add New Switch.

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  • Step 7: Click on Camera.

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  • Step 8: Now you will see two new options: Left Head Movement and Right Head Movement. You can select either one. (In this example, we choose Right Head Movement).

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  • Step 9: Once you choose any Switch, you can see two vertical blue bars on the phone’s screen. From now on, you can control iPhone by tilting your head. (In this example, we choose Decrease Volume).

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Even though the setup process seems to be complicated, finally, you can manage to control your iPhone using head movements. We want to notice that because this feature depends on the front facing camera of your iPhone/iPad, your battery will drain faster than usual. We recommend you shouldn’t leave it on all the time.

This awesome feature must be great for those who imagine that they are indeed controlling their iPhone device with their minds or absolutely convenient for those who are physically challenged and face difficulties in using hands due to the injuries.

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