How To Email Large Files With Mail Drop From Ios

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Previously, on the older iOS versions, if you use the Mail app by default on your iPhone device, when you want to send many pictures at the same time or any video with large capacity, users have to send lots of emails or compress files into * .ZIP format. This is rather difficult.

However, if your iPhone device runs iOS 9.2 or later, you will have a more feasible solution to this by using Mail Drop that is integrated directly into the Mail app. Mail Drop allows users to send large files up to 5 GB in size via iCloud, similar to the way Gmail works in tandem with Google Drive.

Without further ado, we will walk you through how to email large files using Mail Drop on your iPhone/iPad device running iOS 9.2 or later.

  • Step 1: Mail Drop is not an available feature, but it will start automatically whenever you want to send a large file from the default Mail app. Normally, if you attach a file that is larger than 20 MB, you will see a message suggesting to use Mail Drop.

step 1

  • Step 2: Select Use Mail Drop. The file will upload to iCloud and you now wait for while until the upload process completes.
  • Step 3: The email will be sent including a link which will take the recipient to the file. The recipient will have 30 days to download it.

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If you open the Mail Drop email on a Mac or PC, tap on the link and you’ll be taken to iCloud where your file should begin downloading automatically.


It can be seen that Mail Drop is not very difficult to use and the recipient do not have difficulty downloading the attachment. Plus, this app is truly great if we email videos in high resolution from our iPhone/iPad device to others with a similar device.

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