How to Fix Bad Battery Life on Apple Watch

Apple claimed that its Apple Watch battery life could reach to 18 hours for the average use. This means your Apple Watch battery can survive for a full day including being checked for the time 90 times, using apps for 45 minutes, playing music 30 minutes over Bluetooth. It also takes into account WiFi and LTE connectivity. However, some Apple Watch users have started complaining about the battery life of their device, as it can’t meet their expectation. So if you have a battery life on your Watch, it can be fixed by taking some steps on both your Apple Watch and your connected iPhone.

Methods To Fix Bad Battery Life On Apple Watch

One of the first things you should check is dicking into Standby mode. This is when you aren’t actively using it, and you would see the standby time than usage time.

  1. On your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app.
  2. Go to General > Usage
  3. Scroll down to Time Since Last Full Charge.

Here you will see the Apple Watch battery breakdown. This will not only  show you what apps are eating up battery the most, but the specific details can also help you fix the bad Apple Watch battery life if standby is not working.

Re-Pair the Apple Watch

Another method you should try is to re-pair the Apple Watch using the steps mentioned below. It might fix your problems even if you restore from a backup. You can set it up as a new Apple Watch instead of restoring from a backup if you are concerned.

  1. Launch Apple Watch app, tap on your watch.
  2. Tap on i button, at the right of your watch
  3. Tap Unpair Your Apple Watch.
  4. Confirm your choice to unpair your Apple Watch.

Now you simply repeat the above steps to pair your Apple Watch and you can set up as new or to restore from backup.


The process will need some time, so make sure you do it when you have free time. You should also put your Apple Watch in the charger to pair it with your iPhone.

Control Apple Watch Notifications

If you get notifications and raise your hand to glance at your watch every 2 seconds, more battery life will be used up. If possible, you should cut down the notifications to the bare minimum so that you should only get them for important cases. Once you cut your notifications down to those you want on your wrist, you will see a better Apple Watch battery life. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone, tap on Notifications and then turn off those you don’t want.

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Apple Watch Apps & Battery Life

If you don’t use an Apple Watch app, it’d better delete it. This can help your battery life better. Getting rid of apps you don’t use will help as much as limiting your notifications. You can delete them from your Apple Watch through the Watch app on your iPhone. Simply open Watch app, scroll to the app list, and tap on the app name and then turn Show App on Apple Watch off.

You can also use Power Reserve to help your Apple Watch battery life better when you are not able to have a power source. We hope these tips can be useful for your Watch.


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