How to quickly turn your iPhone or iPad into keyboard for Mac or PC


iPhone is not just limited to making calls, texting messages or playing games. It is a bigger deal than you think. One of the best things about owning an iPhone is that your device always comes with a good number of great apps that make it more attractive. In this case, there is nice app called Mobile Mouse Remote that allows you to quickly turn your iPhone or iPad into a wireless keyboard for your computer or Mac.

In fact, Mobile Mouse Remote offers a lot of built-in functionality that give you full control of your PC or Mac. For example, you can use the app as a mouse and remote control for your computer. In this piece, we will show you how to use your iPhone or iPad to perform keyboard commands with Mobile Mouse Remote for your Mac or computer.

How to use Mobile Mouse Remote to quickly transform your iPhone or iPad into a keyboard for your computer or Mac

Using your iPhone or iPad as keyboard for your Mac or computer could be useful especially if you are one of those who frequently make presentations on a large screen or projector, or your physical hardware is not working.


Mobile Mouse Remote features a basic QWERTY keyboard and a built-in number pad that makes your remote typing much more easier. Besides, the app features a keyboard that includes function keys and directional keys. You can easily switch between keyboards by pressing the buttons just above the U, I, O and P keys. The coolest thing is that Mobile Mouse Remote includes cut/copy/paste options, which is extremely useful.

1. The QWERTY Keyboard

Mobile Mouse Keyboard features a basic QWERTY keyboard that includes the same keys you find on the iOS keyboard and some keys for Mac including Command and Control.

2. The function keyboard

Like a traditional computer keyboard, Mobile Mouse Remote features your F1 through to the F12 keys, Escape, Delete, Home, and End keys, as well as the four multi-directional arrow keys. Besides, the app’s function keyboard includes keys for Control, Command and Shift, which helps you quickly perform some keyboard commands.

3. The numeric keyboard

One of the most annoying things about MacBook is that you don’t have a numeric keyboard. However, with Mobile Mouse Remote, you can have a numeric keypad even on MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

In fact, there are various keyboard apps you can use in the App Store, but Mobile Mouse Remote is the best among the others thanks to its wide range of features. Note that the app connects your  iOS devices with computer or Mac via Wi-Fi connection, so make sure that you have your local Wi-Fi network enabled.

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