How To Use Siri On Your iPhone 4S


So you have a new iPhone 4S and you’re not sure how to use Siri? No worries. Siri’s capable of a lot of things, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Read on to see if what you need is covered.

First, Siri is easy to use. Hold down the Home button on your phone and wait until you hear two fast beeps. At that point, your screen should be saying “What can I help you with?” You can now ask Siri your question. You’ll see the microphone icon light up. This is what indicates that Siri is listening.

You don’t have to just use the button. If the screen is on, you can hold the phone up to your ear, like you were making a call. You’ll hear the two fast beeps again, and then you can begin speaking to Siri. You can also use a Bluetooth headset, press and hold it’s call button, and you’ll get those two fast beeps there too.

Once you’ve spoken to Siri, she’ll display the text of what you said on the screen, and then provide a response. So, you can ask her where the nearest pizza parlor is, what the weather forecast will be like tomorrow, or to remind you to do something.

For example, if you have a meeting later in the week, you can tell Siri “Remind me about my meeting” and Siri will ask you when you want reminded. Simply provide the information, such as “Thursday at 9 AM” and Siri will do the rest.

Siri will work for you without extensive training. Unlike most programs that want you to talk to them Siri figures out what you want without you having to repeat commands, or read specific things. And, the longer you have your phone, the better Siri will work. Over time, Siri will learn any accents or word choices you have, and adapt to them.

So go ahead and start talking to Siri, it’s not as intimidating as it first appears.

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