How To Use Spaces On Your Mac


With OSX Leopard came a new featured called Spaces. Typically on a computer screen you would have one desktop. If you frequently multi-task with many programs you can understand how a desktop can become cluttered. With Spaces you can visually separate your applications into multiple desktops and easily switch between them.

Why Use Spaces?

An advantage of having multiple desktops is that you can separate work and personal applications. You can be working on one desktop and decide you want to take a break and check your Facebook page and write some personal emails. You can simply flip to that desktop with ease.

How To Enable Spaces

To use Spaces you’ll need to go into the System Preferences and then go to Exposé & Spaces to enable Spaces. Once there you have the option to add more desktops if you need more than 4. You can have many different horizontal screens (8 columns 1 row) or you can have a large box of spaces (4 columns 4 rows).

Assigning Applications To Spaces

You can also assign applications to Spaces. By doing so, an application will always open in the specific desktop you designate. If you open an application and want to use it in a different space you can drag it to a corner of the screen to go to a different space.

Accessing Your Spaces

There’s a variety of ways to access your different spaces. You can access Spaces from the menu bar. You can hit f8 and then click on the space you want. You can also hit Control and the arrow keys to get to the space you want.

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