If Only You Had Invested In Apple Stock


I came across an interesting site today, MacOrStock.com. This site shows you how much money you would have made if you had invested in Apple stock instead of buying an Apple product. Sure you can’t go back in time, but it’s neat to see nevertheless.

Here are some interesting scenarios:

  • The first ever Apple-I computer cost $666. But had you invested in Apple stock instead you would have a whopping $85,441. However if  you would have bought the Apple-I and kept it in good condition, you could now sell it for far more than $85k.
  • If you bought a Macintosh Classic back in 1990 it cost you $999. Had you invested it you would have Apple stock valued at $59,584 today.
  • What if you wanted to buy an iMac in 1998 which retailed for $1299 but instead invested in Apple stock? You would have $73,923.
  • How about something more recent. If you bought the first iPod back in 2001, it set you back $399. Well if you invested $399 in Apple stock then you would now have $17,736.
  • You would have even made a killing if you didn’t buy the $499 iPhone in 2007 and invested it in Apple stock: $1,751 to be exact.

So does this mean you should invest in Apple stock today? Nobody can tell you that. It’s impossible to foretell the future of Apple stock. But with products like the iPad and the iPhone there’s no telling how high Apple stock will go.

It’s amazing how Apple stock soared after the iPod and iTunes were released. Then it jumped huge again when the iPhone was released. Likewise for the iPad. But after that it has continued to rise as consumers kept wanting the latest versions.

We’re seeing astronomical sales figures. Just how high? Apple has become the best selling tech company, beating out Hewlett Packard. They’re not slowing down either, with the latest iteration of the iPhone and iPad beating out previous models sales figures. Add to that their already existing products like the macbook and the iMac and you can see why people love investing in Apple stock.

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  1. I’m debating whether to buy the new iPhone 5 or invest in Apple stock instead.. I just don’t think the stock can go much higher than it already is. But maybe that’s what the experts were saying back when previous iPhones came out too. Hmmm..

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