Instagram will soon allow users to share multiple photos in a single post


There are times when you really need to add multiple photos on Instagram in a single post, right? But the bad news is that Instagram doesn’t let you do so. You will be now very happy to know that the social network is testing multi-photo album posts.

To specify, Instagram has just released a new beta for Android users. The beta includes a new feature that allows you to select multiple photos from your phone’s camera roll to publish as an album that others can swipe through. It remains unclear when the new feature will be seeded to every Instagram user, but once you get it, you will be able to long-press on one photo in your gallery to reveal a prompt. From there, you can select up to 10 images or videos. You can then apply a single filter to all of them, or tap into each photo in order to apply separate effects before posting the whole selection as an album in your timeline. Once your photos are ready, Instagram will automatically compile them all into one gallery. Your followers and other Instagram users will have the option to like individual photos in each post.

If you are not using the beta app, you can select multiple photos for a post and edit them, but when you try to publish an album, the app will always spit out an error. Hopefully, the testing goes on the good way and doesn’t take long, and the new feature will make its way onto both Android and iOS in the near future. Previously, the new album feature was available to advertisers in March, 2015.

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