Ios 9 Notes App: The New Features You May Not Know

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On the iPhone device, there is a variety of built-in apps, however, users rarely use them. Surprisingly, the default Notes app is included in that category as well. But when you explore all of its features, then you will probably reconsider. It is known that before iOS 9, Notes was a rather limited app, but you would be happy to know that Notes app gets much better and more useful than ever in iOS 9. Now we would like to offer you the new and cool stuff you can do with iOS 9 Notes app.

  • Create more comprehensive lists due to fresh formatting options

Notes is stocked with a collection of popular formatting options. You can edit font size, italicize/bold/underline, add headers, or create bulleted, numbered and dashed lists. To access the formatting menu, you click on the body of the note, tap the icon + at the bottom left of the screen, and then choose the Aa option.


  • Track your progress with checklists

This feature may not sound very special, but it is really useful. You are able to turn your entire note into a checklist format, or add a checklist icon to every item. This not only enables users to focus on their work but also motivates them as every task in the note gets done.

  • Add drawings to Notes

One of the best features integrated into Notes is the ability to allow users to draw right on the note with their fingers. Particularly, this feature proves useful for designers as they come up with any idea, or for those who want to illustrate an idea easily to colleagues in an email.

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You simply click on the squiggle icon to activate the feature. Now you can use a collection of tools such as pencil, pen, ruler, eraser and color selector. When you are finished drawing, press Done and what you just drew will display on the note. This feature can only be applied on the iPhone 5 and later.

  • Add maps and links

If you want to add maps or links to the note, you can use Safari and Maps to do this. Just employ the share tools, click on the Notes icon, and choose the note you add maps/link to.

  • Lock access to sensitive information

With iOS 9.3, you can set a password or use Touch ID to protect your notes. To activate the feature, open the Notes app and click on the Share button in the upper right corner of the app. Now you’ll see the Lock Note button. When you use it for the first time, you need to enter a password, this password will be used later to unlock the notes. You can lock/unlock password protected notes by tapping the lock icon next to the Share button.

3- lock app

  • Add photos or videos

Notes app allows users not only to add existing images but also to take a photo or video from within the app. This feature is very useful when users want to send a specific visual note to their loved ones, or even customers.

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