iPad Mini: Smaller, But Better?


The iPad mini is one of the latest in the iPad range, and a step in a new direction for tablet devices as a whole. While the exact details and release date aren’t clear, it’s safe to say that there is a lot to look forward to with the iPad mini, or iPad Nano as it is occasionally known.

The namesake feature of the iPad mini is, of course, its size. With rumours suggesting the iPad mini’s screen is anywhere between 7 and 8 inches, this new tablet is going to considerably smaller then the iPad’s everyone is already use to.

Small Benefits

Being smaller, there are benefits to the iPad mini that you might not have realised. First of all, and arguably the most obvious, is that a smaller size makes it easier to carry. Tablets as a whole have many advantages, such as versatility, connectivity to the internet and other devices, but aren’t always the easiest to transport. A smaller iPad fits into so many more bags and storage options.

Secondly, there are certain features that just work on a smaller tablet. Reading books on larger screens is great, but it often becomes a clunky process that feels separated from the actual book experience. An iPad mini, however, would fit more in line with the smaller pages of a book. This smaller size also brings it into the dimensional space of its competitors in e-books, such as the Kindle.

Additionally, who’s to say that the smaller size might not just feel more comfortable? A smaller screen allows for a more intimate experience; perfect when you’re writing e-mails or letters on the bus and you don’t want prying eyes, for instance. The iPad mini will most likely have all the same benefits, such as a HD screen and great output, meaning streaming online videos will be just as easy, provided you have a decent internet connection.

Fitting in to your life style

Of course, the iPad is a tablet, not a phone. As such, it can’t make traditional house calls. If you want this, the cheapest and best option will typically always be through house phones, so it may be an idea to check out some phone broadband packages to save yourself some money. The iPad does, however, give you plenty to do whilst on the phone.

As a highly versatile and useful piece of technology, the iPad mini, like other tablets before it, can be as useful as you make it to be. A good internet connection will allow you to take full advantage of the technology, browsing the internet from anywhere you choose. With a further wide range of apps and online services, there is plenty to do on the iPad mini.

In terms of your other technological devices, the iPad mini is smaller than traditional tablets, but fulfils the same niche. Smaller than a laptop and bigger than a phone, the iPad mini bridges these caps by offering a bigger screen, with the functionality of computers. Whilst older tablets did this, the smaller size here simply makes this an easier device to carry around, whilst still being a considerably bigger size than a standard smart phone.

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