Is The iPad Just A Toy?


When the iPad was released I wondered whether this device was really going to take off. Since it was an Apple product I figured it would initially be a big hit since their previous major product release, the iPhone, had been so successful. But the bigger question I had was whether the tablet device itself was ready for prime time.

Apple didn’t invent the tablet. There were plenty made before the iPad came out. There were also touch-screen laptops / tablet PC’s in existence as well. But none had proven that we should add another computing device to our homes. The iPad was different because of its size, the app library and of course because of the company behind it.

I wasn’t the only one who had their reservations about tablets. When Bill Gates was asked about the iPad he said the tablet isn’t there yet, that it isn’t quite ready to be a serious computing device. He stated that you needed to have better user input like a tablet PC has. Sure he may be right that the iPad isn’t quite a laptop replacement. Sure he is right that the iPad might not be a serious computing device. Sure he may be right in suggesting that for him the iPad is like a toy. But while he sits there trying to create the perfect tablet, Apple is readying the release of the iPad 3 and is raking in billions of dollars in tablet sales.

The iPad still can’t handle flash based websites like sites with embedded flash videos or sites with flash games. It’s difficult to edit pictures and movies when compared to a laptop. Typing with speed is also a problem. So yes, the iPad can’t do everything. But then again, neither can a smartphone and you won’t hear anyone complaining about their existence.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that kids love using the iPad and that it’s full of games. You can use the iPad to research stuff, read books,  check your mail and more. In fact, this post itself was created on an iPad. I’m sure there are countless people who use the iPad for business and wouldn’t even know what an angry bird is.

So is the iPad just a toy? No, the iPad is what you make it. Toy or not, there is a clear demand for these products, and it’s not just a fad though. Many have purchased a tablet, then purchased another upgraded model. Clearly, the tablet is here to stay.

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  1. Without access to see and edit the files I have on my computer, the iPad is not a toy, but certainly not a real computer just yet.

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