Know how you can enable two-step verification in WhatsApp for iPhone


Facebook-owned WhatsApp has just rolled out support for two-step verification to all users. Once it’s enabled, you will need to enter your six-digit passcode whenever you register your phone number with WhatsApp. While the new two-step verification is optional, you should secure your WhatsApp account. You have to enter the six-digit passcode created by the user, as the app doesn’t generate verfication code. This tutorial will show you how to enable two-step verification in WhatsApp for iPhone. Take a look.

Steps to enable two-step verification in WhatsApp for iPhone

Step 1: First off, you will need to launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap the Settings tab located in the lower right corner, and then tap Account.

Step 3: Once you are in, tap Two-Step Verification > Enable.

Step 4: You are now prompted to enter a six-digit passcode. You have to remember this passcode because you will be required to enter it when registering your phone number with WhatsApp on other device.

Step 5: You need to confirm your passcode by entering the same one.

Step 6: You can also choose to enter add an email address to your account which will be used to reset your passcode in case you forget it. If you don’t wish to add your email, just tap Skip.

Step 7: You will need to confirm your email address by re-entering it.

Step 8: In the end, tap Done in the upper right hand corner.

That’s it. You are all done. In case you don’t want to keep enabled two-step verification for your account, you can disable it.

Steps to disable two-step verification in WhatsApp for iPhone

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Two-Step Verification.

Step 2: Tap Disable.

Step 3: Tap Change Passcode if you wish to change the passcode of your two-step verification,.

               Tap Change Email Address if you wish to change email address associated with your two-step verification

Step 4: Lastly, tap Disable again to confirm.

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That’s all there is to it. Got any questions? Let us know in the comments.

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