Know how you can sell your ebooks in the iBook Store


Apple’s iBooks Author comes in handy, as it gives you the ability to create your bestselling novel, textbook or story book. Plus, you can add text, graphics, movies and a lot more to your book. In particular, you can sell your ebooks right in the iBooks Store. Keep reading this complete guide to do it with ease.

Create your book

First and foremost, you will need to download the iBooks Author app for Mac for free via the Mac App Store. Alternatively, you can download another EBUB creator tool. Remember that your book will be published as either a .ibooks or .epub file.

In order to write a book in EPUB or iBooks format, you can head over to iTunes Connect page. Here, you you will get help from book publishing experts that Apple has partnered with.

Sign up with iTunes

If you want to publish your book, you will need to register as an iBooks author so that you can sell it. A valid credit card on file is also required. Now, just do the following:

Step 1: Sign up with iTunes Connect using your verified Apple ID.

Step 2: You are now asked to sign an iBooks agreement. There are two types of agreements: Offer Your Books for Free and Offer Your Books for Free and Sell Your Books.

If you choose the latter, you will need to fill out a secondary contract and submit your banking and tax information to Apple.

Install the iTunes Producer app on your Mac

Once you are all done writing your book, signing up with iTunes Connect, and signing agreements, you can now upload your ebook to the iBooks Store. In this case, you will need to install the iTunes Producer app that allows you to build your iBooks Store summary page, along with category, title, cover art, author name, samples, and price tag.

The app is available via the Resources and Help section of iTunes Connect.

Sell your ebooks in the iBooks Store

After you have successfully uploaded your ebook to the iBooks Store, you can submit your ebook for publication. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: In the iTunes Producer app, simply click on the Submit button to sentd it to iTunes for authentication.

Step 2: Once authenticated, you can check your book’s status in iTunes connect.

In case you would like to change the price of your book, or delete it from the iBooks Store completely, just delve into My Books dashboard.

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That’s all about how to sell your ebooks in the iBook Store. Got any questions? Sound off in the comments section below.

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