Leaked iPhone 5 Images


With the release of the next generation iPhone just months away, pictures are being leaked at what the new iPhone 5 will look like. But just days before these pictures emerged other data came out which discussed detailed dimensions of the new phone. Giving credence that the new images are authentic, the pictures match the uncovered blueprint perfectly.

It appears that the iPhone 5 will be drastically different than any previous iPhone. The new smartphone will have a bigger 4 inch screen while the width of the phone will remain the same. The height of the phone is suspected to be 122mm, which is 7mm taller than the current iPhone 4/4S.

Apple has also decided to relocate the headphone jack and the position of the front facing camera. The reason for this is unknown, since nobody had any problems with their previous locations. One logical reason is that the internal parts of the new phone are forcing these new spots. Another change that’s coming is a smaller dock connector. This means your current chargers for the iPod or iPad won’t work on the new phone. You can also spot a difference in the grill of the speakers. It’s unknown if this will result in better quality sound or if this is just for aesthetics.

Other things you can expect from the next iPhone is of course the new mobile operating system, iOS6. The phone may ship with a smaller SIM (nano-SIM) or no SIM at all. You can also expect it to arrive with LTE, a strong battery and likely an improved processor.

Here are some additional images of the next iPhone5:

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