Limited time offer on Google Home from Nov 23

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The Black Friday shopping weekend starts in under a week, however, Google is starting this big shopping event a little early. Well, consumers will get the chance to snag a Google Home for just $99 (down from its original retail price of $129), for a limited time, starting on today, November 23. The discount takes places at all of Google Home’s sellers, consisting of the Google Store, Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

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Google Home is Google’s brand new smart home product and powered by the all-new Google Assistant. The hardware device is a little smaller than Siri and a lot sharper than Alexa. It is equipped with a touch-sensitive that lets you adjust the volume or pause the music. In particular, the device ships three speakers, offering users the best sound quality.

Google Home also works well with YouTube Music and Google Play Music. Moreover, it includes support for many third-party streaming services, such as Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Tuneln, therefore, you will get a wide range of choices for music. Not stopping there, it is compatible with Google’s Chromecast. You can play music in different rooms at a time.

In addition to playing music, Google Home has the ability to answer questions, set alarms, and even call an Uber. It’s a pity that the device is not able to distinguish between two different voices. The search giant is working to fix the problem.

It comes as surprise that Google Home discounts its new product so soon after its launch, but I think that Google wants to make it even more tempting. It can be seen that Google is planning to take over everyone’s home entertainment system.

Are you excited about the discounted price? Wanna pick up a Google Home this week? Keep in mind that the device will be on sale for a limited time. So, be quick.

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