Microsoft is bringing its digital assistant Cortana to the Android lock screen


Back in December, Microsoft brought Cortana to Android and iOS with an overhauled design, and now the company has another plan for the digital assistant. The software maker is beta testing out a new feature with Cortana for Android that offers users a quick way to access the digital assistant from the lock screen, with just a swipe. The feature is specifically designed in order to replace Google’s own quick access, and at the same time encourage Android users to transition to Cortana.

Now, users in the testing version of Cortana for Android app should notice a pop-up window inside the app which asks them if they would like to add Cortana to the lock screen.  Once approved, there is a Cortana logo showing up on the lock screen. Users just need to swipe it left or right to activate the voice assistant. It’s good to know that you can perform this task without unlocking the phone, which could be a problem for those who don’t want anyone with physical access to their phone to be able to access their data in the Cortana app. We can expect this to be sorted out before the new feature goes out of beta.

It remains unclear whether Cortana replaces the Google Now microphone located at the bottom left corner of the lock screen or adds another logo to it. It’s worth noting that Cortana on the lock screen won’t replace current lock screens, so users will still be able to use a custom or default one that comes with your Android phones. The new feature is currently in the beta stage and is available on the Google Play Store.

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