Microsoft Surface vs iPad Retina Display


The iPad has always represented the cutting edge of touch tablet technology. However, with the recent release of Microsoft Surface, it would seem that this position is under threat. We put the two head to head to see which one comes out on top.


The Microsoft Surface has considerable screen real estate with a 10.6-inch screen, perfect for watching media content, internet browsing and word processing. The iPad 4 has a smaller 9.7-inch screen but more than makes up for it in PPI (pixels per inch). The iPad 4 has a ppi of 246 versus the miniscule 148ppi of the Surface, and this is very apparent. The iPad most definitely comes out on top in the screen department.


The mighty A6X processor in the latest iPad is probably the most impressive chip we have seen fitted in a tablet. If you consider that the iPad 3 scored 750 in the GeekBench benchmark and the iPad Retina Display scored 1769 – you can see the massive improvements made. This is reason enough to sell your iPad to upgrade.

The Microsoft Surface comes fitted with a Tegra 3 chip, which handles most operations without fault. That being said, it still felt a bit laggy when opening apps. The iPad clearly comes out on top with the A6X, providing a completely lag-free experience.


Microsoft’s Surface is undoubtedly one of the best tablets we have seen when it comes to connectivity, with a full size USB slot, Micro SD and HD video output. The iPad 4 has very little to offer in comparison. However, 3 and 4G support does give the iPad some selling power.


The iPad’s main selling point is the App store: a veritable heaven for app enthusiasts. With over 1million apps available for download, there is enough content to keep every type of user satisfied.

Microsoft’s Surface on the other hand, has an incredibly poor amount of apps on offer, with even Twitter and Facebook lacking their own apps. If you want to access social networking platforms, you have to use the rather clunky People Hub.


When it comes to battery life, the iPad clearly comes out on top. This is surprising because official stats show the Surface tablet to have a longer lasting battery. Many users have however complained that the Surface struggles to hold charge, finding it to be completely depleted when left turned off overnight.


Microsoft’s Surface is a promising offering. However, it fails to deliver on a number of things: screen resolution, software and battery life. The iPad is far from perfect but on the whole provides users with an extremely smooth experience, something we have come to expect from Apple. If there was one tablet we would advise you to sell your stuff online to fund, it would have to be the iPad.

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