Now 4K Live Video for all in YouTube


The good news for YouTubers and media partners all over the world: YouTube now adds support for 4K live streaming, enabling content creators to broadcast standard and 360-degree videos using higher definition.

It can be seen that YouTube’s decision to deliver higher-quality videos serves as an important part in helping the video service compete well in the market for live streaming, where main rivals, including Facebook and Twitter (via Periscope) also compete. Indeed, while both Facebook and Twitter’s live streams support 720p video at 60 frames per second, YouTube supports 4K video at up to 60 frames per second. Users will be able to watch 4K live streaming through YouTube’s apps for smart TVs, desktop PCs, and dedicated 4K streaming devices like Google’s Chromecast Ultra. YouTube says users will get a much better experience of video, as 4K video is capable of displaying a total of 8 million pixels and especially has 4 times as many as pixels 1080 video, which promises to offer a more detailed, crisp and less blurry video, along with fast action on the screen.

Along side the 4K area, YouTube has been focusing on another great one. This is true as the company added 4K HDR support earlier this month. With the appearance of the next-gen format HDR, viewers would need a TV that includes HDR support to watch these videos today.

YouTube first added support for 4K video on its site back in 2010 and is currently the largest repository of 4K content worldwide. Earlier this year, the company also added support for live 360-live degree broadcasts.

What do you think of YouTube’s decision to add support for 4K live streaming for both 360-degree and standard video? Share with us in the comments section below.

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