October Security patch rolled for Nexus Devices by Google



Google has just rolled out another Android security patch for Nexus devices running Android Nougat and Marshmallow, and the Pixel C tablet as well. Security updates may not come with the new features and marked performance improvements that users always expect. On the flip side, they serve as a crucial part in the Android diet.

In the latest security update, a total of 31 various vulnerabilities has been patched. The October security patch should deal with many high-level issues linking closely with different vulnerabilities, such as the Elevation of privilege vulnerability in Lock Settings Service, Elevation of privilege vulnerability in ServiceManager, and a lot more. The patch also deals with many moderate-level issues in other patches released on October 1, but there will be more issues dealt with in the patch released on October 5. Besides, the October 5 patch will fix several critical-level problems.

According to Google, security has always acted as the primary focus of Android and Google Play. And the monthly patch release plays a key role in making and keeping Android users safe.

Keep in mind that, the entire file is downloaded as one over 850 MB zip file, so the download can take a long time.

The patch is currently available for the following builds:

  • Pixel C: NRD91D
  • Nexus 6P: NBD90X
  • Nexus 5X: NBD90W
  • Nexus 6: MOB31H
  • N9 Wifi: NRD91D
  • Nexus Player: NRD91D

It’s worth noting that the LTE Nexus 9 is not yet to be included in this month’s security patch, however, it should be coming soon. Fortunately, thanks to Google’s launch of OTA Images and Factory Images for download, Nexus users can get up to date on security with ease.

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