How To Repair Corrupted PSD Files In 2 Minutes

There might be unexpectedly chance that Photoshop project files on your computer end up being damaged. One of the reasons is that the anti-virus program or firewall erroneously marks the file as a threat. Sometimes, there is a power drop while a large image file is being saved, which will also cause the damaged files. Another is that your old hard drive gets crashed during the read/write operation. As a result, the loading or saving of a large file is interrupted and never done. If you usually send or synchronize large files, outdated Photoshop version installed on your computer might not work properly with new data types.

For whatever the reason, a PSD file will fail to open in Photoshop application or another program. So how can you fix that?

In this post, we’ll show you solutions to repair a corrupted PSD file just in 2 minutes.

How to recover data from a corrupted PSD file

If you are getting a corrupted PSD file, then you can consider PSD Repair Kit tool (, which is designed for serving a single purpose. The tool can load a damaged file and then convert it into a format that you can open in Photoshop app to use later on.

Once you installed the application on your computer, the next step is browsing to your damaged PSD file and clicking on “Next”. You can also preview the content that the program is extracting. Additionally, you can visually inspect each layer that is being repaired from the «View data» tab in PSD Repair Kit window.

Once you complete reviewing recoverable objects, you can then start fixing the entire project. The process will take a while depending on the size of your file. You can view a progress bar to know how much time it will take.

When the process is done, all objects and layers will be sacked a new file. You can see everything right in Photoshop. The tool is fast and simple to use.

Currently, PSD Repair Kit only works with Windows doesn’t require installing Adobe Photoshop software.

Online tool to repair damaged e PSD files

If you don’t like installing applications on your computer, you can then try the online version of the PSD Repair Kit software at All you need is to upload the damaged PSD files and it will then start recovering them. The online version works with all operating systems from Windows, MacOS, Linux to Android and iOS. You simply open your favorite browser, select the damaged file, type your email address, and then enter the characters for the captcha security. The file will be uploaded to the server for recovery.

It’s better to choose the online service since it is cheaper than the program. The cost of the service is only $10 per file. So, if you intend to recover a single Photoshop file, it’s recommended to choose its online instead of purchasing the software.


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