The 4 Best Apple Products Ever


For as long as there has been desktop PCs, we have also had Apple. From the Apple Mac’s in school which confused me to the iPod that carries all my favorite songs, they have had a profound effect on most of our lives.

With so many products released by Apple, they have become one of the hardware titans of the world – with so many different styles of products for different uses, they really can offer a solution to just about any need. However, some of the Apple creations are more important than others, purely for what they meant would either come next, or what they developed into.

Here is a top five list of the best Apple products since they started:

PowerMac 8600

When the 8600 was out, there was also the more powerful Apple 9600. The reason this is so significant is it was the first Apple product which allowed for video editing from the computer. If you had a video camera, you could hook your VCR up to the computer and start to edit and change the video as you saw fit. Obviously, today if you couldn’t do that, you would want a refund, but back then it was the icing on the cake for many. It was the first signs that computers were beginning to become the multimedia machines that they are today.


Like it or not, iTunes is probably the pre-cursor to what we have today, and it’s safe to say that many record stores hold a serious grudge to software like iTunes. Offering an easy place to access and store all of your music and videos, iTunes came with a difference from it’s competition – it came with a store. The store allowed for easy, cheap access to your favourite songs and artists, and has since pretty much wiped out the CD world.


The iPod was one of the first serious MP3 players that came with a screen and other features – before then, you had CD players and smaller MP3 players, but the iPod was the leader in what we now all pretty much in pocket-sized MP3 players. It was the iPod mp3 player that first put an Apple logo in the pockets of millions around the world. However, the iPod has come a huge distance since those early days – it now offers the chance to watch video, play games, even surf the web. It started out as a music player, but it became the precursor to the…


Probably one of the most out there of the Apple inventions in recent times, the iPad started a new breed of technology. It looked like something from a movie, and it effectively is. iPads are, in simple terms, a huge mobile phone without the capability to phone people but a much bigger variety of applications and cool gadgets you can incorporate with it.

The iPad has led to the Tablet Age, where so many of us now do all of our research and learning on Tablets. In the future, schools and colleges will make use of tablets for every student, and we can look back on those days and say that it was the iPad that was the start for it all.

Apple has produced countless new, innovative products, and without them, our computers could be a lot less flashy and less functional, and probably less advanced, than they are today. Somebody else might have had the idea, but Apple was the one who took the plunge to see how viable it was, and for that, we have a lot to thank Apple for.

What are some of your top Apple products of all time?

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