The First Apple Computer


Apple was established on April fools day in 1976. In the beginning, it wasn’t just Steve Jobs, but Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne were part of the company as well. Their first computer, which was hand-built by Wozniak and sold by Steve Jobs from his parents garage, was the Apple I personal computer kit. There were only 200 original Apple-1’s made. Of those, it is believed that about 50 of them still exist to this day.

The Apple I debuted in July of 1976 for the interesting price of $666.66. Apparently Steve Wozniak liked repeating numbers. Either that or they were superstitious or wanted a number that stood out. A computer for that price now might be a good deal, but back then it was a steep price to pay for a device few ever even heard of.

The original Apple-I  did not come with a monitor, nor a keyboard. It didn’t even come with a power supply. It had just 4K of RAM and a 1.0 Mhz CPU. But it was the first personal computer that had a fully pre-assembled motherboard.

Apparently the Apple-I wasn’t flying off the shelf, because by April the next year the price was dropped to $475. Just a few months after that, in October of ’77, it was officially discontinued.

Looking back at this first Apple computer, it is anything but attractive. Can you imagine, a computer with no monitor and made of wood? If you adjust the original price of the Apple-I for inflation it would be the equivalent of over $2,500, which is what a top of the line Macbook Pro costs today. But a recent Christie’s auction proved just how valuable one of these is today. One of the original ones made recently sold for a whopping $212,267. Had you purchased one back in 1976 it would have been the best investment you could have ever made.

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