The Impact of The Beatles Coming to iTunes


No one disputes the impact the Beatles had on rock music, or on popular music at all. How many fans do the Beatles have that were born after the band broke up? Or born after John Lennon was shot? Lots.

So, for Apple to acquire the rights to offer the Beatles catalog on iTunes was a big deal. And, they beat out Amazon and Google to do it. We all know that the Beatles have been an iTunes addition for several years now, which might make this ancient history to some. But, how often do you consider the impact the Beatles library on iTunes has?

If you ever go to Amazon, and search their digital music, you’ll find numerous cover bands, but not actual Beatles music. Same with Google Music. Apple is the only kid in town with the catalog, and it’s had a major impact. Even if the iPhones weren’t the amazing phones they are, folks would still buy them, to play their iTunes songs. Average phone, but you keep all the music you had on your iPod, without carrying 2 things? People would do it.

The Beatles sold 2 million songs the first week they catalog was available, and they continue to sell. Sure, a hot new artist might sell 10 million copies of a hit single in a week, but how many artists can do it over and over, for years?

Beatles music is popular among many people, not just the older generation that likes to buy off iTunes. Many of the younger set prefer to pirate their music, but as most of them get older, and pirating music loses it’s appeal, they turn to existing, purchasable music. And with Apple having the only library of Beatles songs, they’re going to see additional income, as will EMI, who holds the library. It just goes to show that even if a band broke up before a good portion of it’s fans were born, it doesn’t mean putting the music out digitally will hurt at all.

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