Top 5 Fitness Apps For The iPhone


iPhones are frequently used by fitness fanatics in the gym but are seldom used to their full potential. With a large range of fitness apps on the market that can help you with your routines, exercises and progress tracking, there’s bound to be something here to up your workout productivity. Here are our top 5 fitness apps of 2012 so far.

Run Keeper

This free app is a great alternative to the more expensive Nike apps on the market. This app allows runners to track their speed and routes. Using your iPhone’s built in GPS, Run Keeper can make sure you never lose your favorite routes. This app is also great for gym users who want to track their progress as you can enter manual data too.

Nike Training Club

This free app is like a personal trainer. With a huge range of different exercises and 30-45 minute routines to get through, this app is has to be one of the best on the market. Users can input their fitness level and goals they hope to achieve and the Nike Training Club app will give you a choice of exercises to perform. This app is great for beginners who may not feel comfortable working out with a personal trainer or in a gym. The detailed pictures will also help make sure you get all the exercise movements right, as well as building your confidence.

Mens Health Workouts

The popular men’s fitness magazine have launched their own app, designed for those wanting to up their muscle mass and fitness. With 20 workouts and 150 individual exercises, this app is packed full of information to warrant the (small) cost. It is well designed and leads to results if used properly. Our only concern is that with the small monthly upgrades costing at times as much as the app, the cost of using this program may ramp up.

Nike + Fuel Band

This app works in conjunction with Nike’s revolutionary fitness product – the Fuel Band. Using the Fuel Band’s data, you can wirelessly transmit your data to your phone, allowing you to track and compare your progress with friends.

Lose It

This calorie counting application is one of the best on the market. With its simple interface, this app is extremely easy to start using, and can make all the difference when trying to reach those monthly weight loss targets. If you want to add a competitive edge to your calorie counting, Lose It will let you share and compare your progress with friends. Who knew calorie counting could be so much fun.

When running these apps on an Android device, be sure to use an android task killer to kill tasks and processes. By doing so, it will improve your battery life and speed up your phone so you could get back to reading all the latest android news on it.

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