Top 5 iPhone Apps For Backpackers


1.  Skype

Even the most technophobic travelers will likely have heard of Skype by now and the iPhone app is no different to the website itself. Particularly suited to the new iPhones with the front-facing cameras, the Skype app allows users to converse via Wi-Fi (or even 3G) with other Skype users anywhere in the world, regardless of whether or not they have an iPhone. Whether you’re having a video conversation or just like to make normal phone calls on your mobile phones, Skype allows users around the world stay in touch and best of all is completely free.

2.  Skyscanner

Skyscanner is the comparison service of the skies – allowing you to quickly search all of the major airline carriers for a flight to and from any destination in the world. Whether it’s swapping Thailand for China, skipping Australia for New Zealand or returning triumphantly to your home country – the Skyscanner app will find you a flight and find you the cheapest one. It comes in 28 different languages and whilst you can’t book directly through the app, just a quick tap and you’re redirected to the airlines site to enter your details and complete the booking. Then it’s just a case of getting yourself to the airport online and jetting off to your new destination.

3.  Gorillacam

For most, the experiences they have whilst backpacking will last a lifetime and there is no better way to record these experiences than with your trusty iPhone. With the ever-improving camera and impressive memory, the iPhone is becoming increasingly utilised for its photo-taking capabilities and the Gorillacam app makes it that little bit easier.  Arguably the best benefit of the app is the ability to set a self-timer, meaning nobody has to be missing from the photos. However, there are many other features to make taking photos easier including selectable image size, anti-shake, digital zoom, rapid-fire photography, auto-save and much more.

4.  Lingopal

With most holiday destinations you visit, you can usually rely on the locals speaking enough English to mean you can limit your use of the native language to “please”, “good morning” and “thank you”. However, when you’re heading off the beaten track and exploring new places, it’s not unheard of to get to a town where not a single word of English is spoken. Lingopal helps solve this problem providing easy translation of thousands of common phrases in 44 different languages from Japanese to Norwegian – meaning that wherever you are, the chances are you’ll have enough knowledge of the local lingo to get by.

5.  Hostelworld

Wherever you are traveling, unless you are Paris Hilton and her well-funded cohorts, the chances are you will be staying in a hostel. Most backpackers would agree that staying in hostels is one of the best parts of traveling, not just because you get to see the world from as little as about a pound a night but because this is also where you will meet many like-minded individuals. With the Hostelworld app, you get all the benefits of the full website – not just limited to the ability to search for and book hostels, but get maps to where they are, read reviews by others who have visited there and view photos of inside the hostels.

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  1. Skype is the best, as long as you have a wifi connection, you can talk from anywhere in the world. I do this from my iPad so I don’t even need a phone.

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