Top 5 Most Expensive iPhone Apps


Apple’s iTunes holds a big number of different apps for all occasions and tastes. Most of them are either free or cost some $1-5; sometimes you can see apps for $10 or more, but it’s more an exception than a rule. Until yesterday I used to think that the most expensive iPhone apps cost something like $15-20, but yesterday I suddenly stumbled upon an app for almost $1000.

Then I found some other applications that cost from several hundreds to $1000. Unfortunately, I cannot afford them, but still it was rather interesting to find out that they exist. So here they are – the most expensive iPhone apps I’ve managed to find at iTunes:

1. BarMax CA

I was looking for some music streaming apps for my iPhone 4S when I accidentally stumbled upon BarMax CA by BarMax LLC – one of the most expensive iPhone apps ever, available for $999.99 (even the new iPhone 4S is cheaper…). The app is actually the most complete bar exam prep course including lectures for 12 subjects, tests, task list and much more – everything to help you study and keep organized. It’s designed by Harvard lawyers together with the best developers of iPhone apps, so if you ever decide to buy it, you can at least know you’re giving $1000 for getting the most valuable thing ever – knowledge.

2. Agro

Agro is the next app available for the same $999.99, and it’s designed to help agronomists (despite of the field agronomy they’re specialized in) easily create field inspection reports. To tell the truth, I don’t really know much about agronomy, but I guess this app is really useful for agronomists and really helps them save much time and effort on making those reports.

3. MobiGage Laser

Just like Agro, MobiGage Laser can be useful for people working in a specific area. It’s actually a metrology app that works with a Leica laser and can be used to measure and inspect manufactured parts and assemblies, so it can be really effective if used in manufacturing plants. The developers say that the app is so accurate that it can be used even for making airplanes and cars, and it costs only $999.99 only because Apple wouldn’t let them charge $25,000, which is the price for the PC version of the program.

4. iVIP Black

The iVIP Black app designed by iVIP Ltd. will make sure you’ll get VIP treatment in a number of luxury restaurants, hotels, theatres and casinos, including presents, room upgrades and much more. But if for buying the previous apps you only had to pay the necessary sum, here you’ll have to be a real millionaire and a VIP person to get it (besides, only iPhone users can get it, to the great disappointment of Android, Symbian, MeeGo and WP users). So if you haven’t started saving to get your first million yet, now’s the right time.

5. iStutter

iStutter that is available at iTunes for €799,99 (which is more than $1000 today) is designed to help stutterers get rid of their speech problems by analyzing their vocal fold activity and providing detailed feedback.

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