YouTube unveils Super Chat, letting users pay to pin comments to a livestream chat


It’s obviously difficult to make your comments visible on a popular live stream on YouTube, as the conversations move so fast that no one can see them. But everything has changed when YouTube has just unveiled a new feature called Super Chat that allows you to pay to highlight your comments and pin them to the top of the chat box for up to five hours. This is great news to those who want the attention during a live chat with the internet stars, and who want to support their favorite channels. The Super Chats will be highlighted in a bright color and big text, and stays pinned in the ticker for a set period of time, which makes them stand out from normal comments.

It’s pretty easy to add a Super Chat, as you just need to tap the new dollar sign icon in the live chat to bring up a slider that determines length your comment will get pinned, and the price you pay. For instance, if you want your comment to be pinned for 2 minutes (the minimum amount of time), you need to pay $5. The maximum amount of time – 5 hours – will cost you up to $500. The creators will get at least part of the payment.

After making payment, your purchase amount, channel icon, and optional comment will be visible to the public instantly. A countdown clock will appear to show the remaining time.

Currently, Super Chats can only be purchased in YouTube or YouTube Gaming on the web or via Android app (iOS support is coming later). The new feature globally launches in beta today for select creators. It will be available on January 31 for creators in 20 countries and viewers in over 40 countries.

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